10+ years ago,  the chair of Oral Biology at UCLA School of Dentistry, screened over 2000 medicinal herbs and discovered a special ingredient (named  Glycyrrhizol A) with unique targeted killing ability against cavity-causing bacterium Streptococcus mutans. After extensive basic and clinical research, this special ingredient was confirmed to be safe and effective, which could be used to maintain normal healthy oral microbial flora.

In collaboration with a leading US tooth-friendly candy manufacturer founded by two well-experienced dental professionals, this special ingredient was developed into a sugar free, anti-cavity herbal lollipop. This innovation created a brand new approach to manage oral health, making it fun, fast and effective.

This invention has grabbed the attentions of major media and has been reported in various top TV programs including Good Morning America of ABC. The lollipop has been a very popular item recommended by dentists and used by kids for “candy cure”. We are proud to be the ones who bring this unique product to you!
High-tech patents obtained by UCLA laboratories from thousands of ingredients



Safety of the

herbal lollipop

All ingredients are FDA-approved for human consumption
A comprehensive clinical trial was conducted among different populations.

Safe for the elderly,

xerostomia patients and 

children with bronchial asthma